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MOD BIKES Foldylock 85
MOD BIKES Foldylock 85
MOD BIKES Foldylock 85
MOD BIKES Foldylock 85

MOD BIKES Foldylock 85

The MOD Foldylock Compact is as dependable as a FoldyLock Classic, but in a smaller, more light-weight design. Its there when you need it, and unnoticeable when you don’t.


  • Hardened steel links.
  • Ultra protective rivets.
  • Anti-drilling components.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Silent ride.
  • Frame-mounted carrying case.


Price : $109.99
The MOD Foldylock Compact is an impenetrably strong yet compact Electric Bike lock that conveniently attaches to your bike for easy access when needed. Its constructed with hardened-steel and drill protected rivets that make bolt-cutters a non-issue. This lock also features hardened steel links with rivets that can stand up against sawing and cutting for your added peace of mind when securing your bike to a post or bike stand. The cylinder is also drill resistant to allow for robust protection. This lock’s compact design ensures it is easy to carry so you never have to be weighed down by an uncomfortable bike lock again.
Circumference: 85 cm/ 33.4 in Weight: 2.2 lb
A Seatylock Foldylock Compact. A Carrying Case for storing when not in use.. Velcro straps. Tools and bolts. A Manual and quick start guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Eddie B. (Austin, TX, US)
Foldylock for the Easy

The perfect lock!
Highly recommended.

Brian H. (Chicago, IL, US)
Harvey Danger and the City.

From the Loop to Wrigley Field. Harvey loves his new sidecar. He loves bringing smiles to faces for a lite scratch under the chin.

Thank you for spreading love around windy city on our new MOD. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful pictures.


Ted J. (Ottawa, IL, US)
Where do people mount this?

I have an Easy w/sidecar. Where do people mount the lock? Not enough room to pull it out of the holder if mounted to the drink holder lugs.

Steven T. (San Antonio, TX, US)

Love the lock easy to use

Thanks Steven!!! We are happy the lock is working out for you. Let us know how you like the new rear rack.


Gregory B. (Palm Bay, FL, US)
Fantastic Locking

Great lock and had couple people interested in it. Definitely a deal breaker on someone trying to steal bike!!