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We know when purchasing an electric bike, assembly and after-sale service is a very big part of the decision. For us, lifetime support is a priority and we’re here for you 7 days a week by phone, video, or in-person!

Every one of our models are tested in-house before they’re shipped to your doorstep. In most of our models, there’s no assembly needed. Just unbox and start riding! If any assembly is needed, we made sure you don’t need any special tools or skills to do it. It’s as easy as using a few bolts to install the handlebars and pedals, and you’re good to go! If you do feel like you do need a little help, we have several support options that will get you riding in no time.

Even though our e-bikes are very reliable and easy to maintain, routine maintenance is standard for every electric bike. Keeping your bike tuned will ensure the best riding experience and reduce costly repairs throughout the lifetime of your bike.

We’re proud to offer several support options below for assembling your MOD and keeping your bike in top shape.

Phone/Video Support
We designed our bikes to be easy to assemble and maintain. With a few standard tools, you can actually do a lot of it yourself! To make it even easier, we have a friendly team of exceptional technicians available in-house to help you by phone or video. We’re there every step of the way to walk you through the work and make sure your bike is in perfect condition and ready to ride.
Velofix Mobile Service
Don’t spend hours waiting to have your e-bike assembled or tuned-up!. We’ve partnered with velofix to offer a convenient mobile bike shop experience no matter where you are! All the service is performed on site at your home, office or wherever you schedule the service to take place. Scheduling an appointment is simple and on your terms! Click here to find a Velofix in your area.
Local Bike Shops
We made it a point to build all of our bikes with standard components! Any assembly or maintenance can usually be done at your favorite local bike shop. If you need any help locating or vetting any shops in your area, give us a call! We partner with shops all around the country and are happy to connect you with someone we trust to provide exceptional service.
The MOD BIKES Garage
We have a full-size garage in our Austin headquarters, built specifically to service electric bikes! With years of experience and innovation, we equipped our service space with the latest tools, technology and experienced technicians to provide our customers a professional and fast service at any time. Whether your e-bike is ready for a tune-up or you’re looking for help with assembly or upgrades, we do it all in-house and fast.