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About Us

Designed from the past Built for the future

We’re bringing together old-school values and future vision for right-now mobility.​

Our Story

After searching the market for the perfect electric bike, our founder Dor realized it simply didn’t exist. He needed the “Swiss Army Knife” of electric bikes: one that balanced design, versatility and comfort and could still handle an active lifestyle. In his backyard garage, he set out to build a rider-focused collection of electric bikes that could transform the way we move, giving freedom back to riders like you, everywhere. Fast forward two decades and our boutique design house operates with passionate people that have made it their mission to build easy-to-use, quality bikes with timeless designs that offer performance without compromising on comfort or utility. Combined with unparalleled customer service, our electric bikes let you go above and beyond and enjoy your journey just as much as the destination.

The MOD Movement
When we began brainstorming a name for our brand, we came across the MOD subculture of the 1960s and realized their values and style aligned with ours: sleek designs, minimalism, and pride. With roots in London, the movement was synonymous with style-conscious trendsetters that knew who they were, and couldn’t be told otherwise. Their attention to detail and desire to pave their own path went on to influence the music, fashion and art of the era and also inspired us to transform the way people move
Be The Face
When we say BE THE FACE, we mean it quite literally. Inspired by the song “I’m The Face” from 1960s British rockers The Who, we continue to pay homage to this ever relevant MOD culture using “BE THE FACE” as a reminder of our mission to our customers. The rock band was the most recognizable voice of the MOD Movement and most importantly, they let their actions do the talking. From the very beginning, we’ve had the same approach with our riders. We were passionate about building bikes that spurred a community around making more of your world and providing excellent service. Our riders helped transform these small Austin beginnings to a movement taking over the nation and because of this, they will always be the ones to tell our story.