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Our Story

We want to make it Easy to MOD-ify the way you move.

Our Story

After searching the market for the perfect electric bike, our founder Dor realized it simply didn’t exist. He needed the “Swiss Army Knife” of electric bikes: one that balanced design, versatility and comfort and could still handle an active lifestyle. In his backyard garage, he set out to build a rider-focused collection of electric bikes that could transform the way we move, giving freedom back to riders like you, everywhere. Fast forward two decades and our boutique design house operates with passionate people that have made it their mission to build easy-to-use, quality bikes with timeless designs that offer performance without compromising on comfort or utility. Combined with unparalleled customer service, our electric bikes let you go above and beyond and enjoy your journey just as much as the destination.


MOD-ify the way you move: our aim is to upgrade the way our customers get around - whether it is replacing car rides with sustainable transport, empowering pedestrians and bike riders the ability to go further faster, or shifting current electric bike riders to the superior ride & feel of a MOD. 

MOD Makes it EASY:  Quality comes standard with every MOD BIKE.  We obsess over design, comfort, power and service with southern hospitality to make the customer’s choice focused on how they want to use their electric bike versus worrying - we’ve got you covered.

MOD-ify your ride: MOD BIKES are different not only because of our elevated design and quality, but with the function and utility to MOD-ify your ride.  Get the feel of the ride you want with MOD’s advanced programmable electric system plus Snap-On Rack, and swappable Snap-On accessories to get the most out of your bike ride after ride.

Service with Southern Hospitality: We want our customer’s experience of buying an electric bike to be stress-free and EASY from the time they discover our brand, to the purchase process, to set-up and after sales.  Our communications consistently put our customers at ease every step of the way. 

Let's ride together MOD SQUAD!