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Mirrycle Mountain Mirror Black
Mirrycle Mountain Mirror Black
Mirrycle Mountain Mirror Black

Mirrycle Mountain Mirror Black

A round, adjustable grip-mounted rear-view mirror to make your ride even safer.


  • Attaches to either the right or left grip-end for a safe rear view
  • Polycarbonate with Steel Components
  • Adjustable to any viewing angle
  • Foldable when not in use
  • 3” Convex Glass for wide view
Price : $24.00

The Mirrycle Mirror is made of 3” Convex Glass to give you a wider rear view to make your ride even safer. Mount one on your left or right side, or one on each, and ride your MOD Bike with confidence! *Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
Mounting Base Height: 3.74 in (9.5 cm) / Mounting Arm Width: 2.36 in (6 cm) / Mirror Diameter: 3.23 in (8.2 cm)
Mirror / Mounting Base / Mounting Arm / 2 Sizes of Installation Wedges / Long Bolt, Cap Screws, Washers, Barrel Nut, 2 Allen Wrenches / Assembly Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
L. (Austin, TX, US)
Great while it lasted.

I absolutely loved my mirror when I first got it -- it definitely helped me feel much safer on crowded roads. Unfortunately, after less than a year the part which holds the mirror inside the handlebar snapped. Disclaimer: I do have a Citi bike, which I fold up into my sedan trunk fairly often, so this may have shortened its lifespan.

Brian P. (Austin, TX, US)
The perfect mirror for safe riding!

Love this mirror, as it it easy to adjust (and stays in place while riding), just not vibrate the image, is very sturdy and folds nicely during transport. It also looks great on the bike.

We totally agree Brian. Have fun on your bike this summer.

Roxanne S.
Riding the beach

We've been riding all around Aransas Pass and the mirror on our mod bikes is stable and clear even on rough terrain

Great to hear, thanks so much for the review Roxanne! Keep on riding! :)

Phillip W. (Fargo, ND, US)
Mirrycle Bike Mount is a great accessory to any ride

This Mirror is great when mounted to the left handle bar provides excellent visibility directly behind you. I no longer have any issues seeing what’s directly behind me on my rides.

I agree that the Mirrycle mirror is the best! The lens is clear and the way it mounts truly works.
Glad you are happy and thanks for the review.

Paul T. (Austin, TX, US)
One of the better cycling mirrors I've used

It is easy to adjust and easy to glance down at it while riding, but for older eyes, I'd like a slightly larger version of this mirror. Especially when I'm going over 20 mph on my MOD Easy.


Happy to hear you are enjoying the mirror. Thanks for the kind words.