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MOD Replacement Inner Tubes
MOD Bikes

MOD Replacement Inner Tubes

Replacement inner tubes for all MOD BIKES. Never let your tire go flat with a replacement bike inner tube on hand. Our inner tubes are durable and dependable in any weather condition.


  • Extra thick butyl rubber.
  • Robust long Schrader valve allows easy refilling of air.


Price : $9.00
With thick butyl rubber that absorbs shocks and bumps, this inner tube is puncture-resistant. This inner tube can be easily installed with with tire levers and an air pump. Our inner tubes come equipped with Schrader valves.
20" x 1.95-2.25" Tube- Compatible with MOD City 20" x. 3" tube - Compatible with City + & Easy Sidecar 700c x 38 mmTube- Compatible with MOD Berlin 27.5 x 2.25 Tube- Compatible with 2.25" MOD Black tires 27.5 x 3" Tube- Compatible with 3" MOD Black tires 24 x 3 Tube- Compatible with MOD Easy
An Inner Tube A Valve Cap

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John P. (Round Rock, TX, US)
Always 5 stars

This is the no holes barred, hands down and smiles up the very best bike shop on earth. If you do not believe me then just drop by sometime and see for yourself. No place like Mod Bike Shop! John

You are the best customer on earth! Thank you for the review! Our goal is to take care of our MOD Family.

Anushka B. (Austin, TX, US)

GREAT service and super quick turnaround!

Anushka ,
Thank you for the review.
Service is important to us and we are glad you are happy.

Matt B. (Austin, TX, US)
Mod rocks!

Mod Rocks!

Lisa H. (Clovis, NM, US)
Friendly help to keep you biking

These guys are the best. Friendly and helpful.

Hey Lisa,

I love getting reviews like this from our most awesome customers. If you need anything we are here to help. Enjoy riding your bike this summer.


Ronald S. (Austin, TX, US)
MOD City does the mountains

Our bikes helped us(75+bodies) make those climbs easier and more fun


No better way to take in the scenery and flatten out those hills. Enjoy your travels and where ever your bikes take you.