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68 and Riding Again

68 and Riding Again

When riding is all that gives you solace, you tend to do it often. So it was a considerable blow when Tom Geer, 68, had kidney surgery earlier this year and was told by his doctors to count riding out of the equation for some time.

Tom and his wife have been in children’s ministry for four decades where they train Sunday school teachers all over the world.

“If there’s a bicycle I’m on it” says Tom as he describes his lifelong obsession with riding. Tom started out putting a couple miles on his road bike every week and would even ride bikes in different countries he visited for Sunday school training.

But as Tom got older, he began to lose his stamina only being able to do a few miles on his road bike before going home hurting.

After doing some research on e-bikes, he found the MOD Black and decided it would be a good purchase. He considers it a blessing that he can ride again.

Because the MOD Black comes with an integrated torque sensor, Tom does not have to use as much knee pressure. As a result, he now frequents gravel trails and other rough trails without going home sore.

The integrated front and rear suspension take the jolt out of heavy impacts and are complemented by hydraulic brakes which offer maximum stopping power.

“What an incredible combination, the suspension, the stopping power and the instantly available assist.” With the grocery store not being too far from his home, Tom invested in a MOD Black as something he can enjoy now but also use in the future should he get rid of his car entirely.

“If I could sum the MOD Black up in two words, It would be: Excellent Purchase.”