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Based on 633 reviews
MOD Easy
Paul K. (Leander, TX, US)
Super sweet ride

We were thrilled to stumble on Mod Bikes and be directed towards the Easy's. They are comfortable, look great and perfect for going just about anywhere both at home and while RVing. The whole team at Mod Bikes has been amazing from the start. They loaned us bikes to use on our first camping trip while waiting for ours to come in. Later, they quickly tuned the bike after I had an unfortunate spill.

The only reason this is 4 and not 5 stars is the battery meter and the front headlight. The meter is very difficult to get a read on how much I truly have left in the tank. It will restart at full bars many times when I stop and start and then suddenly drop again. Not sure what the solution is here, but I wish I didn't have to lower the power to minimum out of fear here. The headlight looks amazing but I found out the hard way that it is not meant for lighting the road. Being low power and the amber filter makes it only useful for the bike to be seen, not to actually see the road. That should be made clear at sale AND any extra front headlight sold onsite. Otherwise it is very dangerous to use at night.

MOD Easy
Kamran A. (Pasadena, CA, US)
Our awesome bike

I love my bike and I use it everyday to take the dogs out. My larger dog running with us when the other 2 smaller dogs enjoying the ride.
A great buy !!!


Bikes and dogs! That is how we roll. Thanks for the review and all of the great pictures.


MOD Easy
Allen N. (Cincinnati, OH, US)

Scarlett loves riding


Thanks for the review and give Scarlett a belly rub for us.


MOD Easy
Chad (Atlanta, GA, US)
Awesome :)

Great bike… the wait was so worth it. Get so may looks with the side car. MoJo loves it :) there is a definite learning curve to ride with the side car. Power is great goes right up the hills in the neighborhood no problem. Can’t wait for the weather to get warmer and take it out on the silver comet trail.


Warmer weather is on the way, hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your kind words.


MOD Easy
Ryan S. (Fort Smith, AR, US)

I’ve had my Mod Bike for about four months now, and I have regrets. Regret that I bought it in winter, and that my neighborhood is so small! It’s truly a joy to ride! At the end of my ride, I really want to keep going. I’m looking forward to spring/summer months so I can take to larger areas to ride. But I have taken it out in the bitter cold. Cold wind drying my eyes to tears, hasn’t even been enough to make me want to get off it!
As as functionally, it rides and operates smoothly. The fat tires and weight of the bike provide a smooth ride. The adjustable handle bar’s allowed me to position them to my liking. Gear and assist selectors are well positioned for easy access. Display is easy to understand and operate. And the electric motor is surprisingly powerful!
I found Mod Bikes through a Facebook ad. And then purchased it through that ad. Since then I have gotten advertisements for every E-bike in existence. I’m glad I went with Mod Bikes! Head lights, integrated tail light, and even the seat are optional items that incur additional cost on a lot of E-bikes! All standard features on my Easy. Plus few have the beach cruiser style that I had been looking for.
I regret not taking the getting one sooner!


So glad to hear your enthusiasm for your Easy. Rest assured that summer is close and you'll be out riding soon if not already. No regrets.


MOD Easy
John W. (Arlington, VA, US)
Sweet ride

Such a sweet ride, so much fun! Been using it as a weekly commuter and just recently took it on a longer trip to a local climbing spot and it handled all of the different terrains and hills wonderfully. The more upright riding style makes my back happy. Highly recommend if you want a perma-grin!


So happy to hear this. Perma-,grin is the MOD lifestyle in a nutshell. Enjoy the coming summer riding and send us more pictures. We love it.

MOD City+ 2019
Mary B. (Austin, TX, US)
What Hills?!?

I'm loving my Mod City+!!! It is the perfect commuter and adventure bike: Sunday I went 27 miles (but HILLS are"nothing" on this ebike & my battery was still 60%)...stopped at 6 open houses...Brought home in my panniers from my favorite Central Market: 2 bottles of wine, avocados, strawberries, apples, sushi...and I just LOVE all of it's other user friendly features, too, like my phone holder, mirror, and Foldylock...another 22 miles of exploring today (again, "what hills"?) -- getting this bike was one of the best decisions I ever made.thanks ever so much, Mary B.


We loved the pictures and are so happy you are living the MOD life to the fullest.


MOD Easy
Shayne N. (Riverview, FL, US)
Comfort with Style

We bought 2 of these bikes - 1 green and 1 black. My wife and I love these bikes. We have 4 other E-bikes we have acquired over the last 6 years and these are the most comfortable to ride. The bikes are low enough for easy stopping and starting. The bikes have enough power to conquer any hill and with the ability to modify the Peddle assist with speeds, we where able to set up the speeds to match what we had on the previous bikes. Although we need the power for hill climbing where we live, we do not want to have access speed. Absolutely love the ability to fine-tune the bike exactly to the needs that we have. The bike definitely turns heads as it is one of the better looking bikes out there. We have been told our bikes look better than any other models that have the look of a old-school motorcycle.
This bike has been a performer, a looker, a power house, and a comfortable ride. Highly recommend this bike for those that like a comfortable cruiser-style ride.

'This bike has been a performer, a looker, a power house, and a comfortable ride.'
I just had to quote that part again. Thanks so much for the review and we are thrilled with hope much use you are getting out of the bikes.


MOD Easy SideCar
Peter i.M. (Minneapolis, MN, US)
The best way for my son with special needs to travel

We were looking for an e-bike adapted to help our son with special needs get around when I stumbled on the Mod Easy and Side Boat. I love it but more importantly, my son loves it. It gives him a comfy compartment, up off the ground, with a perfect view of the scenery. I hope to have many years with the Mod Easy and Side Boat propelling us around town.

So sweet that you are enjoying the MOD Easy with your son and he loves it. Thank you for the picture of the two of you. Welcome to the MOD family!

MOD Easy w/Side Basket
Gregory B. (Palm Bay, FL, US)
Great Bike!!!

I have my bike with the side basket for about a month now!! Love, love, love it!!! It gets peoples attention and they yelling great bike or thumbs up sign!! One of the best purchase I’ve done.


Looking good with that front basket. We love the attention we get riding around town. Glad you do as well. Keep doing what you do.


MOD City + Step-Thru
Carolyn W. (Tracy, CA, US)
City plus step thru

First I would like to say this is a great company every one I have spoken to has been exceptional. They keep you informed as to what your status is in the pre-order process, with that said it is well worth the wait for the best bike out there for the price and the most upgraded amineties. I was a little skeptical at first in ordering an electric bike online especially since I live in California but was very happy I went ahead with the order. Holly was very helpful in doing a zoom call so we could actually see the bike once it came in and answered all our questions and then shipped our bikes to us and I have to say I was surprised how fast they arrived to our home. My bike had a couple of issues but Neil's Dunn eased my mind and resolved the issue right away and the matter was taken care of. He is truly a asset to Mod Bikes . We also bought the regular city plus for my husband he truly loves his bike and of course I love mine as well.
The bike is very sturdy and made of good quality. It's only been a couple of weeks since we received them and we get so many compliments from people. These bikes are so fast and fun to ride. Go get yours and you will see for yourself just how much fun they are!!! I understand why they say "Welcome to the Mod family" when you purchase a bike with them. They make you feel like family and they take good care of you because that is who they are! So happy we bought our bikes with them. Thanks again Mod bikes

Thank you so much Carolyn! It means the world to us to hear that you and your husband are enjoying your bikes so much. Please keep us updated with all your adventures and don't hesitate to reach out if you ever need anything! We're honored to have you as a part of the MOD BIKES Family!


MOD City + Step-Thru
James S. (Austin, TX, US)
MOD City + Step-Thru Review

I am very pleased with my MOD City + Step-Thru E-bike! It’s been a joy to ride around town. Everything works perfectly. The battery keeps a long charge for my daily rides. Shifting and E-boost are nice and smooth. The bike is also easy to mount and balance, even for seniors. Breaks work fine and the bike is very durable and solidly built. The Mod Bikes staff are friendly and helpful and their service is very professional. I am most satisfied with my purchase.


We really appreciate your comments and we wish you all the best this coming summer on the bike.


MOD Easy
JOHN V. (Cedar Knolls, NJ, US)

Still in shirt carton. I need someone to assemble this spring.


Spring is here and if you need any help with assembly, just let us know. We are here to help.


MOD Easy
Thomas T. (Westminster, MD, US)
Prancer likes to ride in the sidecar

Due to supply issues it took a long time for bike to arrive and e even longer for the side car everything functions well and the few glitches I have had were resolved by very helpful tech support on the phone and by email


We appreciate your patience and are glad you are all set. We are always here to help. If you need anything don't hesitate to reach out.


MOD Easy SideCar
K.R. (Ontario, CA, US)
Great costumer service!

I got the bike with a boat and so far enjoying it every morning or afternoon with my little one.
My cousin who knows how to build a bike helped me assemble it and found out that the wheel from the boat doesn't run straight. Costumer service were so responsive and sent me a new wheel asap. They also sent me a free helmet eventhough I purchased it before the promotion.
Just don't use the bolts included to secure the boat because it is too short to reach the washer and nuts (included washer and nuts can still be used) get this in home depot to save you some time " M8-1.25 x 80 mm Class 8.8 Zinc Plated Hex Bolt (2-Pack)" Need 6 pcs or 3 packs of this. I messaged them about it and hopefully they will change it for future costumers.
Overall, I'm a satisfied costumer enjoying the ride few times a week with my little one!

MOD Easy

I love riding the bike. I bought it specifically with a sidecar so I could take my little dogs safely. I was so excited about getting this bike for so many reasons.
Despite my inquiries in advance about appropriateness for me, when it arrived it became clear that it's way too heavy for me and quite challenging in our rural setting. It's 4 ft wide and I am severely limited on where I can go with it. A sidecar should not go more than 10 mph, and the entire thing is impossible for me to lift. I'm not able to use it without the sidecar, because the sidecar weighs 60 lbs and I cannot use the quick-release to put it off and on due to its weight.
The plus side is that the folks at MOD bikes do try to be helpful, and my dogs look cute in it.
It's so burdensome even to just get in and out of storage that I become less inclined to use it. I'm trying to figure out ways now to address these issues as I prefer to find ways and places to use it.

Hi Linda,

Thank you for your review. I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying your bike. We know that the sidecar can be cumbersome at first for some customers. Besides our many guide videos our support team is always ready to help and find a best solution for your needs.


MOD City +
Jay (Bastrop, TX, US)
Will Never Use Pedal Assist!!

Yeh right. This incredible bike is everything an old fart needs. Especially the pedal assist. My wife and I so loved riding the one that we added a second and trailer for our dog. Love tooling around without working up a huge sweat. Both City+’s fold into the bed of our truck. Great for exploring the campsites. If you have never used an e-bike you are missing out.


You are absolutely right, if you haven't tried an electric bike out for camping, you are indeed missing out. Thank you for the review and keep adventuring.


MOD Easy
Carlos B. (Middlebury, IN, US)
We love it!

I got this bike for my wife she loves it!

Thank you for the kind words and for choosing us as your electric bike provider! We love hearing you’re enjoying your MOD Easy electric cruiser. Don’t forget to tag us in photos, as we love seeing what our riders carry in their side boats :) Welcome to the MOD BIKES family, Carlos!

MOD Berlin
Michael M.
Awesome company!

"Awesome company! I recently purchased myself the 2020 Berlin. I am an avid cyclist, but this will be my first-ever e-bike, and I am so excited for it to finally arrive. With e-bikes being such a high price item (especially for me, a college student), I did extensive research for several days to figure out which was best for me, and within my budget. I was pleasantly reminded about Mod Bikes after going past their store on S.1st time and time again, and decided to check them out. Prior to this, I figured it was only an e-bike rental company for tourists. Instantly, I was keen on getting the Berlin, as the frame is much like the manual bike I currently own. I eventually decided it was worth checking out, especially with their 18-month warranty and free tune-ups for local customers like myself. There, I met Dor (spelling?) -- he was super helpful and even managed to get me a few accessory add-ons at a great discount, as I had just missed their pre-sale promotion for the Berlin bike. A super responsive team (are u guys hiring by the way), I just can't wait to finally try out my own Mod Bike! Thanks y'all <3"

That's a great write up Michael. Thank you for that. Even on a college student budget, you can still enjoy the freedom of an eBike.


MOD Easy
Joshua E. (Palm Springs, CA, US)
Good, but could be better

The sidecar is super close to the pedals, even with the buffer. And for dogs, much needed improvements like extra belt clips, rollcage, etc.

Hey Joshua,
Thank you very much for the review, I hope you enjoy your bike.
Our team will be happy to help you so adjust your sidecar and we actually have D rings that can attach to the sidecar to secure your dog, Please reach out to and we will be happy to help!

MOD Easy
Eddie B. (Austin, TX, US)
The Easy really is!

I bought this bike about a month ago and absolutely love it! I have ditched my car for most all DT/SoCo runs, as well as to local visits and modest shopping. Just waiting on the City of expand it's bike-friendly lanes and traffic accommodation.
I have and will continue to recommend Mod Bikes to friends!

It's such a pleasure to welcome you in our family, Eddie! We love seeing you ride around town with a huge smile on.


MOD City + Step-Thru
L D. (Austin, TX, US)
So Much FUN!

I love my new MOD bike. It’s easy to ride, don’t have to worry about steep hills or pounding wind…just set the power and ride away. Great exercise w/out too much strain! And the staff at MOD bikes are very helpful and friendly! So happy w/this purchase!

Thanks for the great review!
No better way to melt away the hills and miles. We're always here to help.


MOD Berlin 2020
Brandon P. (Ventura, CA, US)
Berlin in Ventura CA.

Man, i have so much to say about our MOD Berlin 2020 bicycle, but I'll keep it short and on point.

I bought this bike for my wife so her and I could cycle and get around faster, cleaner and easier. I too own a Class III power assist commuter bike, name and brand left unsaid...

The wife uses this bike daily, she puts on around 40 miles per week (7 days). She usually rides the bike in assist level 1, sometimes level 2, rarely if not ever Level 3 & 4. The bike scoots, she never has a problem with our local hills and the bike seat post suspension along with the front fork suspension, cushions her just right.

The bike is overall a perfect fit for what she was purchased for. Short commutes and jaunts around town. A few longer rides of 25 to 35 miles, which the battery totally covers. We have yet to run out of juice on our longer weekend rides. See picture of odometer showing how many miles have been rolled since delivered 24 months ago. New tires are gonna be needed soon MOD bikes, I'll be in touch! We couldn't have asked for a better eBike, the style, comfort and rideability are unmatched.

Thanks for everything.


Over 1700 miles in 24 months is admirable. Thank you the long term review of the bike and your wife's experience with it. We love these kinds of stories. Enjoy riding in the warmer weather coming up and as always, let us know if you need anything.


MOD Berlin Step-Thru
Teri S. (Austin, TX, US)
No more hills!

We love our bikes! No rattles, easy assist when needed. This has expanded our culinary and micro brewery experience to outside our normal walking area. The whole crew at Mod Bikes have been great. Supply chain issues have meant waiting for delivery but they keep you in the loop and even loaned me a bike for my birthday when my bike was late. Positive people and great bikes!


From all of us here at MOD Bikes, thank you for being such a great customer. Keep riding and exploring. Hope to see you soon.


MOD Berlin
A P. (Round Rock, TX, US)
Excellent Bike and Service

First I want to say the customer service is off the charts. They are passionate about the business and try to help in anyway they can. I had a delay in my bike due to shipping container issues and they lent me a bike for my trip. Also, they are very transparent with the costs and try to educate you on best way to use the bike for longevity. I recommend this place to anyone looking for an e-bike. battery capacity is very large as well. went for a 25 mi ride (toggled between 2-3 assist at times) and still had about 1/4 battery left.

Bike I bought - Berlin(Silver)

Thanks for the great review. I'm glad we were able to make your trip a success.