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6 Days Through Hill Country on MOD Electric Bikes

6 Days Through Hill Country on MOD Electric Bikes

MOD BIKES was started to change the way people move. We built our electric bikes with riders in mind and made sure anyone who wanted to ride could. We were so thrilled to rent e-bikes to the Carlsons, a pair of 71-year olds that take walking vacations every year but wanted to do this year’s adventure on electric bikes.

Read Gary’s story below and get inspired to experience more:


My wife and I have been taking walking vacations for the last 15 years.  We describe it as “slow travel”.  We have medium size backpacks and carry everything we need for the 7-10 days of walking from town to town.  Destinations have included Vermont, Southern France, Switzerland, and others, usually walking from one small town to another.  This year we wanted the same slow travel but with e-bikes and panniers.  We chose Austin as our starting point and rented e-bikes from MOD BIKES. Instead of walking 10-15 miles per day, we biked 40 miles a day.  Our path was through the Texas Hill Country. 

The process was still the same.  Get up each day after staying in a small hotel or B&B, have breakfast, get on our bikes and ride.  We stopped whenever we wanted to view the countryside, eat, or rest.  By mid- or late afternoon we were at our next town or accommodation.  We showered, rested, then walked around the town to explore, followed by a meal at where the locals eat.  The next morning, repeat.  This 6-day trip included stops in Johnson City, Fredericksburg, Blanco, Wimberley, then back to Austin.  Everything we needed was provided by MOD BIKES — e-bikes, panniers, locks, helmets, and a tool kit. 

The goal was not how many miles we did each day or how much of a workout we got, but how much we were able to experience the geography, towns, and people of Texas. 

Especially memorable stops were:

  • A small trading post at Pedernales Falls talking to the locals about open carry — We are Minnesotans, so this was new to us!
  • Watching line dancing at the Pecan Street Brewing in Johnson City on a Sunday night
  • A great lunch in Hye, Texas — Population 5 and a few dogs
  • Watching the 1960’s era movie narrated by Lyndon Johnson at the Lyndon Johnson State Park
  • A great homemade Texas breakfast including grits at The Square Inn in Wimberley with Lloyd, Texas barbecue every day
  • Our last night in Austin visiting the Whole Foods Flagship Store

Special thanks to Mike and Dor from MOD BIKES for making the journey possible and easy to do.

-Gary and Mary Carlson