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MOD Replacement Tires
MOD Bikes

MOD Replacement Tires

Original replacement tires for each MOD BIKE model. Whether looking to have an extra set or replace a well-worn set of tires, these tire models are guaranteed MOD-compatible.
Price : $69.00

Customer Reviews

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Jack G. (Austin, TX, US)
almost 3 years in and still loving it

Just had my back tire, and front brake pads replaced after 2700 miles. The service was great and I'm back on the road. Never had a flat the whole time. Of course you have to add air about once a week to keep it at the right pressure... (I keep mine between 30 and 35psi, I am not sure what is recommended). Great tires. I ride it mostly on the streets as a commuter bike. The original battery still seems to be going strong for my purposes. I keep it on the charger when I am not on a journey.

Your love of the MOD Berlin is heartwarming and riding 2700 miles is impressive. That’s why MOD engineers a high quality bike, for you to enjoy your bike. The ease of pedaling, 3x the power, is what makes it such a pleasure. Just so you know, the recommended tire pressure is 60psi and then you can air up every 2-3 weeks. Also, for safety, it would be best to unplug the charger after the light turns green. You are a true MOD champion.

Justin (Austin, TX, US)
Look at this tire!

I love this tire. It’s my favorite tire. It's sitting on my front porch right now being awesome as usual, just waiting to go for a spin.

Hi Justin, thank you so much for reviewing MOD BIKES!
We are so happy to hear that you and your beautiful pup are enjoying the MOD Easy Sidecar, especially with your new tire upgrade! Thank you for the photo and video, we couldn't ask for better feedback.
Happy Holidays!

Steven H. (Oxnard, CA, US)

MOD Replacement Tires

Almost carless

I bought the MOD Easy with sidecar specifically to take my dogs with me. I enjoy riding so much now that I bought a second bike, the City+ step through, to get quickly and easily to an appointment when my dogs can't go. I have spiderwebs on my car now because I use it so little. Mike has worked with me to make every detail perfect.

It is wonderful that your car is getting spiderwebs because you and your dogs are enjoying your MOD Easy and now your MOD City. Both bikes are powerful and such fun to ride.
Thank you for your review. Mike is awesome!

tyler p. (San Antonio, TX, US)
great tires

i bought these tires after i put about 800 miles on them and im gunna put another 800 more on these


Keep burnin' up that rubber and we'll keep making them. Cheers!