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MOD Berlin 2019

MOD Berlin 2019

Classic, yet powerful commuter with a smart torque sensor for a natural pedaling sensation, and a touch of superhuman powers

Price : $2,590.00

Customer Reviews

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Michael M.
Awesome company!

"Awesome company! I recently purchased myself the 2020 Berlin. I am an avid cyclist, but this will be my first-ever e-bike, and I am so excited for it to finally arrive. With e-bikes being such a high price item (especially for me, a college student), I did extensive research for several days to figure out which was best for me, and within my budget. I was pleasantly reminded about Mod Bikes after going past their store on S.1st time and time again, and decided to check them out. Prior to this, I figured it was only an e-bike rental company for tourists. Instantly, I was keen on getting the Berlin, as the frame is much like the manual bike I currently own. I eventually decided it was worth checking out, especially with their 18-month warranty and free tune-ups for local customers like myself. There, I met Dor (spelling?) -- he was super helpful and even managed to get me a few accessory add-ons at a great discount, as I had just missed their pre-sale promotion for the Berlin bike. A super responsive team (are u guys hiring by the way), I just can't wait to finally try out my own Mod Bike! Thanks y'all <3"

That's a great write up Michael. Thank you for that. Even on a college student budget, you can still enjoy the freedom of an eBike.


Brandon P. (Ventura, CA, US)
Berlin in Ventura CA.

Man, i have so much to say about our MOD Berlin 2020 bicycle, but I'll keep it short and on point.

I bought this bike for my wife so her and I could cycle and get around faster, cleaner and easier. I too own a Class III power assist commuter bike, name and brand left unsaid...

The wife uses this bike daily, she puts on around 40 miles per week (7 days). She usually rides the bike in assist level 1, sometimes level 2, rarely if not ever Level 3 & 4. The bike scoots, she never has a problem with our local hills and the bike seat post suspension along with the front fork suspension, cushions her just right.

The bike is overall a perfect fit for what she was purchased for. Short commutes and jaunts around town. A few longer rides of 25 to 35 miles, which the battery totally covers. We have yet to run out of juice on our longer weekend rides. See picture of odometer showing how many miles have been rolled since delivered 24 months ago. New tires are gonna be needed soon MOD bikes, I'll be in touch! We couldn't have asked for a better eBike, the style, comfort and rideability are unmatched.

Thanks for everything.


Over 1700 miles in 24 months is admirable. Thank you the long term review of the bike and your wife's experience with it. We love these kinds of stories. Enjoy riding in the warmer weather coming up and as always, let us know if you need anything.


Teri S. (Austin, TX, US)
No more hills!

We love our bikes! No rattles, easy assist when needed. This has expanded our culinary and micro brewery experience to outside our normal walking area. The whole crew at Mod Bikes have been great. Supply chain issues have meant waiting for delivery but they keep you in the loop and even loaned me a bike for my birthday when my bike was late. Positive people and great bikes!


From all of us here at MOD Bikes, thank you for being such a great customer. Keep riding and exploring. Hope to see you soon.


A P. (Round Rock, TX, US)
Excellent Bike and Service

First I want to say the customer service is off the charts. They are passionate about the business and try to help in anyway they can. I had a delay in my bike due to shipping container issues and they lent me a bike for my trip. Also, they are very transparent with the costs and try to educate you on best way to use the bike for longevity. I recommend this place to anyone looking for an e-bike. battery capacity is very large as well. went for a 25 mi ride (toggled between 2-3 assist at times) and still had about 1/4 battery left.

Bike I bought - Berlin(Silver)

Thanks for the great review. I'm glad we were able to make your trip a success.


Veronika C.
The Tesla of bikes!

Mod bikes was so great! They walked me thru a test ride and explained everything about the bike and were so personable the entire time. The bike I got is the Berlin and it is AMAZING. The Tesla of bikes! I couldn't be happier with the process and my purchase. Highly reccomend.

Hi Veronika, Thank you for the kind words and for choosing us as your electric bike provider! We know you'll love your (model) e-bike for (reason/personal note - commuting, exploring, etc.) around Austin. We are so happy to welcome you to the MOD BIKES family, and we hope to see you back at our South First shop soon.