The MOD Easy Commuter Bundle

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Make your commute an adventure: snap on an Ortlieb Pannier, mount your phone to play your favorite tunes and feel the wind on your face as you skip through traffic.


  • UrbanWaterproof Pannier with plenty of storage; easily converts to a usable satchel
    • Multiple inside pockets.
    • Shoulder strap made of durable soft cotton.
    • Attachable to either side of your bike.
  •  A foldable steel lock which attaches to your bike. There when you need it, unnoticeable when you don’t
    • Hardened steel links.
    • Anti-drilling components.
    • Frame-mounted case.
  • Charge from the display and effortlessly navigate your commute
    • Side grips for easy placement and removal.
    • Rubber sheet for securing the corners of the phone.
    • Ball and socket swivel for adjusting viewing angle.

Ortlieb Rear Pannier Twin City Urban

The Twin-City Urban is a dual-purpose stylish shoulder bag perfect for city living that transforms to a 9 liter bike satchel in seconds.


MOD Phone Holder

The MOD Phone Holder allows you to easily attach your phone to your bike using a Universal Phone mount with rubber straps able to stretch to 4 times their normal size.

In stock and ready to ship

In stock and ready to ship

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