The MOD City Explorer Bundle

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An added boost to your adventure. Load up for the trip of your life: clip on an expandable saddle bag, fill your bottle up and plug in your phone. Now, you’re ready for a full day of activities.


  • The stiffest and most weather resistant bag with side panels that expand to full panniers maximizing capacity. 
    • Easy attachment to any bike rack.
    • Expanding top panel.
    • Expanding side panniers.
    • Water bottle holder.
    • Comfortable shoulder strap.
    • 3M™ reflective strip.
  • Easy access to your water or… whatever else 🙂
    • Many options for mounting locations.
    • Snuggly holds most 24 oz. bottles.
    • Quick and easy installation and removal with velcro straps.
  • Charge from the inbuilt display and effortlessly navigate your adventures
    • Side grips for easy placement and removal.
    • Rubber sheet for securing the corners of the phone.
    • Ball and socket swivel for adjusting viewing angle.

MOD Phone Holder

The MOD Phone Holder allows you to easily attach your phone to your bike using a Universal Phone mount with rubber straps able to stretch to 4 times their normal size.

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Topeak MTS- DXP Bike Pannier Strap Bag

Out of Stock

The Topeak MTS-DXP is a large, versatile, weather-resistant trunk bag with expandable side panniers and mounting straps made ready to carry anything from groceries to gym clothes.

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The Quick Vinyl Bottle Cage

An easy-fit bottle cage to keep you hydrated on the road!

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In stock and ready to ship

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