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What do you intend to use your bike for?
Choose the answer that best describes your main use of the bike.
How tall are you?
Even though all of our bikes are adjustable we will offer you the option that best fits your height
Which best describes your riding style?
All of our bikes come with an powerful electric assist to enhance your ride. One style is better suited to people who love to pedal. The other is better suited to those who like to put less effort into pedaling and also have the option of not pedaling at all.
What type of terrain will you be riding on the most?
All of our bikes perform great on paved roads and trails, but some will be a better choice for specific terrains.
Do you have any physical limitations that make mounting a bicycle difficult?
We offer two bike frames: the step-through and the traditional frame. The step-through is more approachable and easier to mount.
How do you plan to transport your bike?
Traveling with your bike? We have models that will fit nearly any method of transportation. Let's see which is right for you!
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